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louer une voiture de luxe a aix les bains
louer une voiture pour mariage


Access to the car of your dreams only with the presentation of your B driving licence.


Access to the vehicle of your dreams at a reasonable price

Have you always dreamed of driving a sports car? This dream is now achievable and at a reduced price.


No deposit will be required.


idées cadeaux




MGT Location gives you the opportunity to drive an exceptional car on the open road (city, countryside, motorway, etc.) for 30 minutes or 1 hour.
Our goal is for you to get behind the wheel and take full advantage of the car's capabilities!

Under what conditions?

Have a valid driver's license and be at least 21 years old for the Audi S3

and 23 years for the Audi RSQ8.

You also have to come with D-Day.
No deposit, no gas.
Driving a large engine has never been easier!


Test Drive Procedure

The duration of the Test Drive depends on the car chosen, the duration varies, ranging from 30 min to 1 hour of driving.

During the driving you will be accompanied by a member of the MGT Location team (this replaces the deposit). Our goal is for you to make the most of your driving and to share a pleasant moment.


The insurance is taken care of in case of any problem on the road. You have the possibility of being accompanied or driving with several people, however for insurance matters we will ask you for a small contribution.

10€ per person who will be present with the car, for example: you come with 2 people, this will be 20€ in addition to the price of the Test Drive.
20€ per person who would like to drive  during the Test drive in addition to the person who must drive initially, for example: you come with a friend who wants to drive, it will be 20€ in addition to the price of the Test Drive.


Traffic Laws

We remind you that driving on the open road is subject to regulations and you are responsible for your actions. The goal is for you to have maximum pleasure while measuring the risks associated with excessive speed.
A contract will be completed before driving to justify if necessary the name of the person driving.




idées cadeaux
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